Keeping your third-party proof up-to-date.

ProofPort is the fastest and simplest way to automatically exchange and maintain up-to-date Proof of Compliance data with all of your providers, vendors, and B2B customers

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October 2, 2019 at 11AM (CST)

Be a hero or be a headline

Preventing security breaches, privacy violations, and regulatory lapses is critical to your B2B relationships and reputation.

Compliance, Risk, IT Security, and Supply Chain teams are challenged to juggle the demands of an alphabet soup of compliance frameworks: PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and more.

Reducing the cost, risk, and headaches of exchanging and maintaining up-to-date third-party proof is essential to healthy B2B and your bottom line.

Maintaining third-party proof is painful

Collecting Proof

  • Do you know your proof is up-to-date when you're tracking it in spreadsheets and email?
  • Can’t afford to exchange and maintain proof with ALL of your third-parties?

Publishing Proof

  • Are proof requests and agreements a burden or a catalyst for your sales team?
  • Can your teams quickly and simply coordinate the delivery of timely and accurate proof?

Simple self-assessment

It’s easy to assess whether automating the collection and publishing of third-party proof is advantageous for your team.


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on

1. Inventory

Which activities, teams, documents and data are critical to maintain and keep up to date for your B2B relationships?

2. Assess

Which data and documents are exchanged most frequently and which are most critical if they lapse or change unexpectedly?

3. Envision

How much time and money would be saved if Ops, Support, Sales and your B2B customers always had the latest third-party proof?

Third-party proof revolutionized

Always up-to-date

ProofPort is the fastest, simplest way to automatically exchange and maintain up-to-date Proof of Compliance data with providers, vendors, and B2B customers.

No more headaches

Whether you need to publish or collect proof on a recurring basis, ProofPort reduces the headaches of exchanging and maintaining third-party proof.

Higher ROI

ProofPort automatically keeps Compliance, Risk, Security, and Supply Chain teams, processes, and systems up-to-date so they can focus on other priorities.

How it works

ProofPort helps Publishers and Collectors of third-party proof exchange, maintain, and track both Public and Private sources of third-party proof to ensure teams, systems, and processes are kept up-to-date on the latest changes automatically.


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on

Publish & Authorize
Third-party proof
Collect & Maintain
Third-party proof

Use ProofPort to Publish, Connect, and Collect.

Supporting a growing list of compliance frameworks

Keep your third-party proof of compliance data up-to-date for a growing list of the latest security, privacy, and regulatory compliance frameworks.

Don't see your compliance framework here?
Don't worry, we support creating as many custom frameworks as you need for collecting unique third-party proof.


Perfect for every B2B business

SaaS & Service Providers

Demand for up-to-date Proof of Compliance for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, SSAE 18, FedRAMP and other standards is growing. ProofPort can help free your teams, improve your customer experience, and reduce your costs.

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Portal Owners

Your B2B portal relies on the collection and exchange of timely third-party proof by portal members. ProofPort can help capture the opportunity of third-party proof to reduce risk, lower costs, and grow revenue.

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Connected Business

You're connected to 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of service providers and suppliers to get business done. ProofPort can help you collect and track third-party proof to avoid being compromised by third-parties.

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