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Third Party Proof

The fastest and simplest way to maintain up-to-date Proof of Compliance data with your providers, vendors, and customers.

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The challenge of third party proof

High-profile breaches, violations, and new regulations leave organizations struggling to maintain the integrity and compliance of their B2B relationships. Keeping third-party Proof of Compliance data up-to-date, for standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SSAE 18, FedRAMP and more, is increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

A better way to do third-party proof

ProofPort is the fastest and simplest way to maintain a critical flow of Proof of Compliance data with your providers, vendors, and customers.

Always up-to-date

Easily collect and publish streams of up-to-date Proof of Compliance data

Speedy setup

Configure Sources, Destinations, and workflows for third-party proof in minutes

Free your team

Never miss a change in third-party proof again - free your team's time and attention

Perfect for a hyper-connected world

Whether you're a Connected Business needing to stay up-to-date with your providers' third-party proof, a Service Provider streamlining publication and authorization of customers' access to your third-party proof, or a Portal Owner wanting to decrease risk and increase revenue within your portal, ProofPort delivers the third-party Proof of Compliance data and capabilities you need.

Connected Businesses

You're connected to 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of service providers to get business done. You rely on them to meet privacy and security regulations. ProofPort can help:

  • Collect third-party proof
  • Remediate third-party proof
  • Retain third-party proof
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Service Providers

Your service is growing fast and so is customer demand for up-to-date Proof of Compliance and security info for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SSAE 18, FedRAMP and more. ProofPort can help:

  • Publish third-party proof
  • Authorize third-party proof
  • Safeguard third-party proof
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Portal Owners

Your B2B portal relies on the collection and exchange of third-party proof by portal members. Better third-party proof is a new opportunity to lower risk and grow revenue. ProofPort can help:

  • Accelerate compliance adoption
  • Score compliance engagement
  • Remediate collective compliance
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Capture proof from all your providers

Send up-to-date data to your compliance tools for remediation, retention, and more.


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on

Publish & Authorize
Third-party proof
Collect & Remediate
Third-party proof


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on


Systems that process your Proof of Compliance data updates

Sources of Proof

ProofPort makes it simple and fast to automatically collect the latest third-party proof from "Public" data Sources like the PCI Council and Card Brand lists necessary for PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.

ProofPort also empowers you to collect, direct-from-provider, "Private" Sources of third-party proof. By combining Public and Private third-party Proof you obtain unique visibility to all of your Providers' compliance-impacting changes and risks.

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Destination Applications

Once you select your Sources in ProofPort, you'll receive a constant flow of up-to-date third-party proof data. This data is sent to to the tools and APIs of your choice for Notification, Remediation, Retention/Storage, Scoring, and Surveying. Your tools and APIs will receive the latest data automatically.

Anyone can configure ProofPort in minutes. No more integrations. No more lapses in third-party proof. Free your team and time.

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Advanced capabilities

Right data, right time

  • Notify - never miss a change
  • Remediate - determine impact
  • Retain - keep your proof on hand

Efficient proof workflows

  • Publish - share the latest proof
  • Authorize - rules-based
  • Safeguard - avoid risk & abuse

Engage portal members

  • Accelerate - ROI in minutes
  • Score - member engagement
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A growing list of supported compliance standards, regulations, and frameworks

Keep your third-party proof of compliance data up-to-date for a growing list of the latest security, privacy, and payment standards, regulations, and frameworks.