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The fastest and simplest way to automatically maintain and exchange up-to-date Proof of Compliance data with all your providers, vendors, and B2B customers.

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The headaches of Third-party Proof

In an era of increased third-party risk, it's essential to maintain up-to-date Third-party Proof of Compliance data to avoid security breaches, privacy violations, and regulatory lapses. Overcoming the headaches of managing Third-party Proof can be the difference between being a leader or being a headline.

Proof Collection is difficult because of:

  • Inconsistent formatting, authorization, and exchange of Proof
  • Churning Compliance Requirements and Providers
  • High friction moving data into remediation and retention

Proof Publication is difficult because of:

  • Lack of publication and authorization processes
  • Unique fulfillment workflows for every customer and team
  • Unpredictable demands for support, authorization, and updates

Is there a better way?

The impact of Third-party Proof

The use of Third-party Proof by an organization can easily be mis-managed and increase the risk profile of an organization. Multiple teams, processes, and systems for Compliance, Risk, Security, Procurement, and Support often require up-to-date Third-Party Proof to reduce risk.

Deepen your understanding of Third-Party Proof (3PP) with these resources:


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on

3PP Self-Assessment

A quick plan to assess the impact of 3PP on your organization

3PP Assessment PlanExplore Sources

3PP Survey

Take the survey to jumpstart your thinking on 3PP and obtain benchmarking data

Third-Party Proof SurveyExplore Destinations

A Better way to do Third-party Proof

ProofPort automates the maintenance and exchange of Third-Party Proof with your providers, vendors, and B2B customers to keep your compliance systems, processes, and teams always three simple steps.

1. Subscribe to Proof

ProofPort tracks Third-party Proof published by Providers in ProofPort and gathered from public sources. All updates to Proof are tracked and instantly made available to you via subscriptions. Keep your Third-party Proof always up-to-date by finding it and subscribing to it in the Directory or by uploading it to your Collection.

2. Publish Proof

ProofPort helps Providers of Third-party Proof minimize the cost and effort associated with publishing, maintaining, and authorizing customer access to their Proof of Compliance. If you're a SaaS provider that has Third-party Proof to maintain and exchange with customers, then claim or create your company profile in the ProofPort Directory to begin publishing.

3. Communicate

Communicate to your providers, vendors, and B2B customers that you now use ProofPort as your central system-of-record to help everyone minimize the cost, risk, and effort of maintaining and exchanging updates to Third-party Proof of Compliance.

How it works

ProofPort tracks Third-party Proof published by Providers and gathered from public sources, to make all updates to Third-party Proof available to users as easy-to-use subscriptions for your teams, systems and processes.


3rd-party Service Providers that your organization relies on

Publish & Authorize
Third-party proof
Collect & Maintain
Third-party proof

Advanced capabilities

Right data, right time

  • Collect  - never miss a change
  • Retain - immutable record

Efficient publishing workflows

  • Publish - share the latest proof
  • Authorize - rules-based

More insight and safety

  • Safeguard - avoid false proof
  • Score - member engagement
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Supporting a growing list of compliance frameworks

Keep your third-party proof of compliance data up-to-date for a growing list of the latest security, privacy, and regulatory compliance frameworks.


Perfect for every B2B business

SaaS & Service Providers

Your service is growing fast and so is customer demand for up-to-date Proof of Compliance and security info for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SSAE 18, FedRAMP and more. ProofPort can help:

  • Publish third-party proof
  • Authorize third-party proof
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Portal Owners

Your B2B portal relies on the collection and exchange of third-party proof by portal members. Better third-party proof is a new opportunity to lower risk and grow revenue. ProofPort can help:

  • Accelerate compliance adoption
  • Score compliance engagement
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Connected Business

You're connected to 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of service providers to get business done. You rely on them to meet privacy and security regulations. ProofPort can help:

  • Collect third-party proof
  • Retain third-party proof
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