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The best way to Publish & Collect third-party proof

Always up-to-date | No more lapses | Free your team

Publish & Authorize

Third-party proof for your B2B customers

Collect & Connect

Third-party proof for your remediation and tools

Capture Proof of Compliance data published by your providers and public sources - track it all to fulfill your third-party compliance requirements. Easily integrate the tools and APIs of your choice to receive update notifications of all changes in the third-party proof you're tracking for remediation and retention. Connect once and rest assured your third-party proof is up-to-date.



Proof Workflow

Workflows that coordinate a team’s efforts to provide B2B customers with the Proof of Compliance they need. Be responsive and efficient.

Publishing Schedule

Ensure the Proof of Compliance data you deliver to customers is available and up-to-date on a schedule you determine.

Real-time Notifications

When your customers experience regular updates to your proof - as it changes - it changes everything. Your NPS scores climb, your support costs shrink, and your customers' risks reduced.


Solution Directory

Search for your Service Providers, or new Solutions. Easily drill into Proof of Compliance data and simply request to Collect changes automatically. Never be out-of-date again.

Public Proof Data

Track changes to Proof of Compliance data, for your Solutions and Providers, from public sources. Never miss a change in PCI Security Standards Council, Card Brand, Privacy Shield, or FedRAMP data again.

Win Back Time

Set up your Collections once. From that point forward, all your compliance teams, processes, and systems will be updated automatically.


NDA Workflow

Easily and seamlessly manage Non-Disclosure Agreements with B2B customers and partners. Requests for private Proof of Compliance data will only be shared/approved with an active NDA.

Request Authorization

Making your Proof of Compliance data available for request is easy with ProofPort. Controlling requests is simple too, with our approve/deny team workflow and logging.

Generate Leads with Proof

Customer “Requests” for Proof are not always for Support. Route non-customers to your Sales team CRM as leads.


Customer Storage and Retention

Let authorized customers and prospects collect fingerprinted Proof of Compliance files to be used in their systems and processes.

Proof by Reference

Alternatively, Publishers of Proof can distribute expiring links to viewable Proof of Compliance data in our repositories.

Proof Data Warehouse

We keep an immutable history of your Collected and Published Proof of Compliance data. We support expiration and legal-hold requirements, too.