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Third-party Service Providers that your organization relies on


Tools that receive your Proof of Compliance data updates

Capture both public and private Proof of Compliance data from all of your third-party providers for all your compliance frameworks. Easily send Proof of Compliance data to the tools and APIs of your choice for Notification, Remediation, Retention, Scoring, and Surveying. Your tools and APIs will receive the latest changes in Third-party Proof automatically.



Sources Directory

Search for your Service Providers and select the Proof of Compliance data you want to send to your tools

Public and Private Proof Data

Find Proof of Compliance data from public sources (e.g. the PCI Security Standards Council), or from private sources (e.g. a Service Provider like Microsoft) under NDA

Collect and Request

Collect public Proof of Compliance data, request private data, and ask for your Service Provider to add new types of proof that you need


Customer Storage and Retention

Let your authorized customers and prospects collect fingerprinted Proof of Compliance files to be used in their systems

Proof by Reference

As an alternative to file distribution for storage and retention, Publishers can distribute expiring links to Proof of Compliance data

Proof Data Warehouse

For organizations that do not have a sophisticated retention solutions, we keep an immutable history of Proof with support for your data expiration and legal-hold requirements


Proof Workflow

Workflows to coordinate your team’s efforts to provide customers with the Proof of Compliance they need - responsively and efficiently

Publishing Schedule

Ensure the Proof of Compliance data you deliver to customers is available and up-to-date on a schedule you determine

Proof Channels

Customize the availability of your Proof of Compliance data for ProofPort channel categories like “Storage & Retention”, “Notifications”, and “API”


NDA Workflow

Easily and seamlessly manage Non-Disclosure Agreements with customers and partners requesting private Proof of Compliance data. No private data will be shared without an active NDA.

Request Authorization

Allow customer access to your Proof of Compliance data that you’ve marked as “Private” with approval workflows and rules-based automation

Requester Profiles

Requester profile data can be captured at the time of request, or synchronized with other Provider customer data, to facilitate approval workflows and rules-based access approval to your private proof


Risk Prediction

Crowd-sourced feedback and machine learning are used to predict issues and recognize patterns of risk that may impact your Proof of Compliance data

Fraud Detection

User feedback and machine learning are used to detect fraudulent Proof of Compliance data, fake user information and abuse of data

Groups, Roles, and Permissions

We support separation of duties and controlled access for the creation, update, and approval of your third party Proof of Compliance data and workflows


Member Engagement

Want to understand how your customers and portal members are adopting and engaging with ProofPort? ProofPort can use the information from your synced Campaigns to score your users!

Remediation Cycle Time

Use the Remediation integration to track the time it takes you to respond to and resolve changes in third party proof


Synchronize your portal members’ and customers’ email campaign information with ProofPort to inform reporting of Engagement and Scoring